Born out of a crisis

The charity began in Bradford 2006, as an informal network of parents with young schoolchildren targeted by grooming gangs. The response from local news media, Police and Social services implied we were all racists, our 11-year-old children were slags and chavs, enthusiastic participants of sexual assaults and instigators of the beatings

We registered in Bradford 2008, as a Social Enterprise (Non-profit) company, recently revived again as Parenting Coops project to support marginalised low-income parents. Our original mission statement remains the same:

  • Campaign for improvements to the child protection system
  • Researching criminality, radicalisation, and exploitation of children
  • Street-level projects in areas of high crime and unemployment or disadvantaged by their social environment and circumstances
  • Advocacy for Children's Rights in Family or Youth Courts

We visited five Bradford schools to explain how parents can coordinate safeguarding to protect their children
There was unequivocal evidence from these parents that exceptionally well-informed grooming gangs knew intimate personal details about their family and young daughters. Evidence showing that 90% of grooming gang victims are in Social Services Care (Operation Green Jacket, Manchester Police inquiry, 2019). This explains everything

2012, Parenting Together Ltd (aka ParTog) formally registered as a charity (1149523) that now focusses exclusively on vulnerable parents with learning difficulties

We provide access to justice with various services for learning difficulties parents and children facing the Family Courts in dangerous high risk regions and cities of the UK

The charity now ranks among the top 1% of UK charities for safeguarding the most vulnerable adults and children