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Love for a child is not limited by educational capacity

Charity reg: 1149523
Charity reg: 1149523

Post-trauma, emotionally disturbed young people in Social Care and Family Court proceedings

Parenting courses and assessments include continuous virtual support for learning difficulties and limited abilities parents of children taken into Care

 Parenting Together, Provider reg: 22737

Our mission:

Enable the most positive outcomes for disadvantaged families in Social Services and Family Court proceedings

Raise the standards of care to improve child safety and wellbeing

Show parents how to prevent or resolve young people's behaviour and emotional problems

Strengthen and stabilise family relationships

Our services for limited abilities parents

Returning children to their natural family

A complete support package for disadvantaged families in Social Care and Family Law proceedings

Children in Care are multiple times more likely to become victims and perpetrators of violence and assault


Low-income ≠ high-risk

We achieve results favourable to children


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There is no contract or invoicing and they can be cancelled at any time



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Parenting Together Charity reg: 1149523 is constituted as a Not for Profit Social Enterprise, Organisation(NPO), UK reg: 06796387

We value our independence and integrity, allowing us to work without any Conflict of Interest. For your protection and ours, you will need an (SRA) Authorised Solicitor to access our services.
We are financed only by corporate pro-bono, public donations and charitable Trusts
We do not receive any financial support from Local Authorities, the Government or our recommended Solicitors

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